Picking the best CPA network for 2022

Best CPA Network for Publishers

If you are a publisher, you know what it’s like to be stuck in a rat race with all the other networks out there – with no idea how to stand out. But now, you can break the chain with Best CPA Network, where we work closely with publishers to ensure that they are getting the highest possible earnings.

Highest payouts

Earn more money is our business! We pay publishers higher commissions than any other network on the market. That’s why we’re able to say that you’ll make what YOU deserve!

Simple setup

We make it simple for publishers to jump right in and start making big bucks. Our pre-made templates will have your account up and running in no time! No fuss, no risk!

Free and Easy to build content lockers

We understand your concerns about your content being stolen and resold without your permission. That’s why we provide a free content lockers for all our publishers so you can rest easy knowing that your valuable content is safe.

Optimized for mobile devices

No need to worry about mobile optimization – we’ve got you covered through and through. Whatever device you use, we’ll work just as hard to

Earn the most

Be a part of the best CPA Network and earn more than you ever could! Best CPA Network is the best place to be if you want to earn more than you ever could.

Best network out there

We have everything you need — from easy-to-use templates, to awesome content locker creation, and awesome stats reporting. We’re talking about a level of excellence that no other network has been able to match!

More referral earnings

Earn 5% referral commissions when you refer publishers to us. You’ll keep earning for as long as they keep referring publishers to us – it’s a cycle that keeps going with you in it!

Best CPA Network

The Best CPA Network is a leading player in the industry, thanks to our 5% referral commissions, content locker creation, and state of the art reporting.

5% Referral Commissions

We offer you 5% on everything your referral earns with us. That’s more than any other CPA network out there.

Content Locker Creation

You can create a content locker for your referral link and give it a custom URL name. This way, anyone who clicks on your link will go straight to your locker and see all of the offers available to them.

Statistic Reporting

Not only do we have the most accurate statistics reporting in the industry but we also provide detailed graphs and charts for all of our campaigns so you always know what’s going on!

We all know when picking the best CPA network a few things are important to consider:

  1. Inventory of offers
  2. Offers Payout
  3. Offers EPC
  4. Offers CR
  5. Global Coverage

There have been many CPA networks through the years but at the time of this post, this CPA network is the best. I’ve done so much split testing across networks it’s ridiculous. After you signup there is such a massive dashboard that any CPA publisher would love to see. A Visual Editor program which makes creation of content lockers a breeze as well as beyond this universe statistics generation. You really need to be with this network if you know anything about CPA marketing because this one is seriously going places.

But, I am just a web designer?

That’s great, me too, here’s a screenshot of my earnings from this network:

CPA Earnings 2017

If you’re a web designer with knowledge of HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT you can design landing pages for others to promote and earn 5% commission from those pages for life. You simply make a fancy looking html/css/javascript page and OTHER marketers will promote it. You can earn big income this way. It may sound cryptic at first but you will see on your personal dashboard exactly what I’m talking about after you signup.