Let’s Make $100 Per Day With CPA – Beginners Guide

Today i am going to teach you the exact methods I use for my niche website which I follow religiously for CPA SERPS domination.

I am going to tell you the exact method how I earned $2500+ in a month from one website with SEO and if you can follow this exact spoonfed method you will make the same amount of money if not more depending on how hard of a worker you are and how well you can scale up.

Let’s jump right in.

My Example CPA Niche For The Sake Of This Tutorial: Gaming – Fortnite
Keyword: “Fortnite V Bucks Hack”

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The Process Of Ranking A CPA Website

Process of Ranking A Website

Now the process of ranking a CPA website is no different then ranking any other website so if you have some basic knowledge already it will definitely help.

If you don’t know anything about SEO or ranking a website that’s not a problem, you can get a full understanding of SEO or you can read my article below. l explain everything you need to know about how to rank websites in this post without all the cellulite.

Here are the topics covered in this SEO tutorial:

  • Choosing a Keyword + Competition Analysis
  • Basic site setup and structure.
  • Content generation for the website.
  • Backlinks, SMO, and On Page & Off-Page SEO
  • Some bonus tricks to outrank your competitors.
  • My final thoughts on ranking a CPA website.

Choosing a Keyword + Competition Analysis

Competition AnalysisChoosing a keyword is definitely the first thing everyone has to decide for the ranking process. Now, choosing a keyword can be done in many ways and there are different software and services available for that process.

The process starts with a simple google search for any mobile/PC game in the format below:

[Name of the game] + hack
[Name of the game] + cheat

So here are some basic steps for CPA website keyword research:

1. Decide a niche you want to rank for, in this example, we will go for game hack niche as it is by far the most famous in CPA these days.  Generate a list of keywords by entering you main keyword into this tool then paste those keywords into this free keyword search volume tool to find the monthly search volume.

2. The keyword you want will have a decent search volume, this way we can earn more money automated once our site is ranked because many are searching monthly for it.  Next will generate a nice list of some LSI keywords for use in article creation. Paste those into a txt file somewhere for when you either write your own article or outsource article creation for cheap.

Now, take a look at the top 3 websites which are ranking in Google.

Analyzing Your Competition – Time to Analyze These Websites

For analysis purposes, you can use different software like Moz site analysis tools. Now there are things to look for in deciding if the top 3 websites can be outranked.

1. Study all aspects of the site, meta tags, amount of content on the website, various sections like “testimonials”, how much media is on the site like videos and pictures, etc
2. Backlinks to the website
3. Age of the website

Use this information to decide if it is a good keyword to rank for.

Now go point by point on-site analysis factors.

1. Proper SEO Content – Google loves LONG content (at least 1,000 words) which contains outward links (make sure to rel=”nofollow” these) and media (images and videos), DO NOT keyword stuff your articles!

Proper article structure is a must, proper headings (h1, h2 tags), bullet-points, proper structure, always include an LSI keyword or two in the first 2 sentences of every paragraph.

2. Backlinks – this is probably the best indicator if a website is new or an authority site, but with experience, anyone can tell just by looking at a website if it is an authority site or not.

As I told before there are free tools to analyze your SEO competitors and easily enumerate information about how they’re ranking based on vectors like their backlink count, backlink sources (you can also make backlinks to their highest authority backlinks to your own site manually, this helps tremendously).

Here are a few browser based tools to help you analyze competition on the fly:

Domain age plays a very important role in ranking but there are ways to get around it.  If a domain is old and has a good reputation (high DA/PA|TF/CF) they are easier to rank.

On-Page SEO Explained and Proper Content Creation

Strategies of Content CreationFirst and foremost, make sure your website is gorgeous and mobile responsive.  These are imperative for ranking in today’s world.  Use GTMetrix to ensure your niche website passes all inspections for perfect SEO optimization.

Content creation is what I would say most aspiring millionaires struggle with.  I personally outsource article creation from iWriter.com. But before that, we will discuss the proper structure of your website for SEO domination.

SILO structure – this is basically how many pages and posts will your website have and how they are connected.

Now the Content Generation – if you can write decent content, then you will do alright. Just prepare to write huge amount as I said before, 2-3 times your competitor.

You can easily outsource great content written based on your keyword and researched by someone else by utilizing excellent and cheap article writing gigs on iWriter.com

Now once you are done with content and structure, time for on-page SEO . Do this while you are writing the content and then publish it.  There is a very useful tool which will give you all of the improvements you should make to your site so it passes SEO guidelines and can rank well as a result.

Now once your website is done send it for indexing on multiple search engines. Use any free indexer/pinger to ping search engines.

In google add your website to search console and do fetch from the panel and also submit a sitemap of your website and your website will be indexed within 2 days.

Now wait couple of days and then after your website is indexed, start the off page SEO.

Backlinks, SMO and Off-Page SEO

Social Media OptimizationEither do this by yourself or hire someone to do it for you.  For the off page start with social signals like from Facebook etc.

You can buy backlinks very cheap using the links below to get your website a great start getting indexed and crawling up the SERPS

The ranking of a website can take some time so be patient and keep working. But you will see results from the very first day if you follow the full guide.


SEO Link IndexingYour links are no good unless search engines know about them!  My favorite tool to use is GSA SEO Indexer, it does a great job and only costs a one time payment for a tool you will most definitely use thousands of times in your SEO adventures.

Another option is to outsource indexing by finding a Cheap Link Indexing Service or do a tier 2 GSA blast for indexing all your links.

Some bonus tricks to outrank other websites – Youtube method

Rank Websites Using YoutubeThis bonus trick is very simple but extremely effective. We will be using Youtube, so here are the steps:

Once the backlink building above has been finished, make a video of you scrolling and clicking around on your website, a screen record, pretend you’re a 3rd party trying to “figure out” if the hack really works, this way Youtube will never delete your video! Kind of like secretly promoting a hack niche without looking like the promoter themselves!

1) Just basically create a tutorial/review-like video from a 3rd party perspective, your video should NOT be promotional in any way. You want to look like a 3rd party reviewing someone elses website.

2) Then create or buy a Youtube account.

3) Upload the video and link to your website from the comment section and pin the comment.

Note: Do not put the link to your money site in the description put it only in the comment section and be sure to pin it so it stays static at the top.  Youtubers ALWAYS read the comments of anything questionable to find out if it works or not.

4) Send some views to it 2000-3000 views, likes, and comments.

By doing this there is a much greater chance that you can actually make good money the very first day!

This trick always works for me but the only requirement is a good keyword. There are many keyword research tools available to find monthly search volume of a given keyword.

My final thoughts on ranking a CPA website

You can make 100+ dollars a day with this if you can get past your own laziness, it is tried and tested and working and will be for quite sometime, try to use this method for Whitehat CPA niches also because they live much longer than hack and cheat niches.

I hope you found this post really useful and now the next step for you is to GET STARTED and MAKE MONEY FROM CPA. If I can make $100+ a day very quickly with this exact method then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to as well!